Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Burnt Daisy News

Well I hope you all had a great Christmas and New years! I definately did, one of the best Christmas's ever! I did get a new van so i'm pretty happy on that alone, so... Merry Christmas to me!!
I know i've been slacking on the blog but I definately haven't been slacking on orders. Things have been crazy here for The Burnt Daisy. I have had a ton of orders and I was literally working on them the night before we left for holidays. So i'll share some of these orders with you, which is more than some, and then I have some important news about The Burnt Daisy.
These pictures aren't great since I can't get outside with a bazillion feet of snow on the ground so I haven't gotten anything cute rigged up inside yet. Like I have had time anyways!

These are 22" Home Decor Initials

12" Home Decor

12" Door Initials

8" Names.
This one is gorgeous, it has a sparkle detail all over it that you can't quite see here.

Some of the Christmas decor
This one is white and silver with a sparkle in the silver. It is beautiful. (6")

So after some very long and hard thinking I have come to a decision. I am going to be taking a break from taking orders for a bit. I'm not too sure how long but I will keep you posted. I think I have been very blessed with how busy I have been but I need to remember my priority in my life which are my children. They are very busy little girls and I don't want to look back a regret spending every minute I can with them. I will be back so don't worry. Thanks for all the love and support througout this past year. I would still love to recieve e-mails and if you are really wanting an order I can make a waiting list and we'll talk more when you e-mail me the details. Thanks again and i'll be back!!
love Mindy


  1. Awe lady! I feel ya!! It gets tough feeling like you have a lot going on and you don't wanna miss out on the babes growing up! Just know everything will be here when you come back!! I love the picture in the header of your other blog. Your family wins Most Gorgeous award FO SURE!! Thanks for the sweet words of encouragement too on my blog transition. Not too many people are still following me :) xx Happy Wednesday!

  2. That is why it is nice being your own boss. . . taking breaks for as long and whenever you feel you should/need/want/have to.

    We understand. :)

  3. OH my gosh ok why didn't I think to ask you about making letters for me! See that's me above too hehe I HAVE been here before!! You will have to let me know prices of large letters! The wedding is September 24th so 6 months from now! Let me know if you are up to it. If not I totally understand!! Yayee :) Talk soon! xx

  4. Thank you for sharing! This was a fantastic work! Now Foods