Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Winner!!

Wow 300 comments! Really!? That is awesome! I couldn't believe the feedback for this giveaway and even for my business. It was so awesome reading everyone's comments, I wanted to read them over and over. I wish I had a prize for everyone! Really I do.
But unfortunately I only have one and the winner of the Christmas Believe Home Decor is......

she said,
"Mindy, here is how this was supposed to work. . . you were just supposed to make this, and then give it to ME. Forget this giveaway stuff. You know I wanted this exact word!!!I better win, or I'll be ticked. lol."

I promise I didn't rig this! My husband can vouch for me!! She wanted it pretty bad I think, I got a good laugh that's forsure! It pays to get all four entries!
Kelsey you better be happy! ;)
I'll definately be doing another giveaway in the new year, this was way too fun.
Thanks Everyone!


  1. That is pretty much the funniest thing ever, way to go with your "positive thinking" Kels. Haha. I guess you deserve it more than me.

  2. HA. FETCH YES. I am so excited. I was even planning my comment in case I didn't win. It was going to say, "Giveaways suck." But they don't. . . THEY ARE AWESOME. I can't wait to see it!!!

  3. No way!!! Lucky stink Kels! That's awesome!

  4. LOL!!! Congrats to Kelsey. Someone was smiling down on her today. ; D

  5. Yay Kelsey! I'm so happy for you *sniff*

  6. Just discovered your blog and became a follower. I would love to have you come by and do the same. I love your letters and you even have a font after me--hee hee It was destiny that we should be friends.


  7. I don't think I ever told you that I got them! It took weeks, but it was right before Christmas! Yay. I LOVE them, they are so cute, and I love that they aren't just red and green, so I can keep it up year-round.