Info and prices

Before ordering, please go through these options and have an idea of what you want.

Paint colors (this is the sides, back and the effect on the edges)
brown, black, cream

Sizes and prices
Small Letters
4"- $8/letter
6"- $10/letter
Add an embellishment for $3
4" and 6" do not come with hooks or ribbon and do not come in Curly or Script font.

Name Letters
8"- $12/letter
Add an Embellishment for $5
These come with ribbon or hooks. Ribbon comes in Black, Brown, or Pink.

Door Letters
12"- $20/letter
Add an embellishment for $5
Hung with ribbon

Home Decor Letters
16"- $35
22"- $50
Add an embellishment for $8
Hung with hooks 

All letters are 1/2 inch thick and will never be smaller than the size listed. The smallest letter will be measured to the height. For example, if you order the name Presley in 8", the "e's" will be 8" and the other letters will be taller.

Paper and Design
If you have a specific design or specific colors in mind, please let me know. I usually pick the paper that I think would best suit the style you want. I can also email you the paper I have chosen before making your order.
I can say I have never had an unhappy customer with what i've chose ;)