Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Burnt Daisy News

Well I hope you all had a great Christmas and New years! I definately did, one of the best Christmas's ever! I did get a new van so i'm pretty happy on that alone, so... Merry Christmas to me!!
I know i've been slacking on the blog but I definately haven't been slacking on orders. Things have been crazy here for The Burnt Daisy. I have had a ton of orders and I was literally working on them the night before we left for holidays. So i'll share some of these orders with you, which is more than some, and then I have some important news about The Burnt Daisy.
These pictures aren't great since I can't get outside with a bazillion feet of snow on the ground so I haven't gotten anything cute rigged up inside yet. Like I have had time anyways!

These are 22" Home Decor Initials

12" Home Decor

12" Door Initials

8" Names.
This one is gorgeous, it has a sparkle detail all over it that you can't quite see here.

Some of the Christmas decor
This one is white and silver with a sparkle in the silver. It is beautiful. (6")

So after some very long and hard thinking I have come to a decision. I am going to be taking a break from taking orders for a bit. I'm not too sure how long but I will keep you posted. I think I have been very blessed with how busy I have been but I need to remember my priority in my life which are my children. They are very busy little girls and I don't want to look back a regret spending every minute I can with them. I will be back so don't worry. Thanks for all the love and support througout this past year. I would still love to recieve e-mails and if you are really wanting an order I can make a waiting list and we'll talk more when you e-mail me the details. Thanks again and i'll be back!!
love Mindy