Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The latest and the kids show!

So lately I have been so crazy busy and I am getting so excited with how fast my business is growing. I have so many orders to work on in the next month or so and more always coming in. Which is great! I recently got asked to be in a big kids show in Southern Alberta on September 19th, and I am so excited for it. I have been frantically trying to get ready for it. I am going to have things to buy on the spot such as words for your home and seasonal decor. I am currently working on a bunch of halloween things and I can't wait to show you. I know Halloween is a ways away but it's really not. Summer is half over, then school, then Halloween! I like to be prepared. I have so far finished one home decor word and I have a few more coming in. If you want any specific word let me know and I can do it!
My husband recently went to a boys camp and called me with some "bad news." He crashed his bike on a jump and broke our camera (which was in his backpack that he was wearing.) New camera = better pictures! Lets just say I wasn't too heartbroken.
So as always here is some latest work! You can click on the pictures to see them better...until I get my new camera that is!

This is the home decor word I made.

Monday, July 6, 2009

New fonts!

I figured if I am going to expand in the home decor I need to get some more fonts. I have picked 2 so far and may be adding more in the future. I just ordered something in Script for myself so i'm excited to see how it turns out. The curly is just fun one for children's names, it's probably a little skinnier than the rest so make sure that's what you want when you order. Let me know what you think, and if there is any other styles you'd like to see.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

I've been busy! Plus some pics of my girls!

Here are some orders I just finished, enjoy! Remember, e-mail me if you'd like to make an order or have any questions at all!

The first 4 names were for a couple who ordered them for their nieces and nephew. She told me to do anything girly, and I did! I love it when I get to do whatever I want. Isaac she wanted blue and white to match a Maple Leafs room.

Owen was another order for the blue and brown I previously used. I no longer have this line because of so many orders with it.
Erica was for a friend's little girl and she sent me a little decoration from her room with purple, lime green, pink and blue in it. Could it be a more perfect match?
Kayla's mom wanted pastals for her room. The colors in the picture didn't turn out as bright as they are in person.
AVA was for an expecting mom, she is having a girl and already has her name picked out. Talk about being prepared! They are doing her room a light purple and she wanted a darker purple name. This is one of my personal favorites. Congrats guys, can't wait to see her!
Here is a sneak peek at my beautiful girls. How can I resist sharing these pictures. Love them! HUGE thanks to Mackenzie, your the best!