Tuesday, October 13, 2009

More names!

I finally got these all finished at the same time.
These first 3 are for a friend of mine. She picked out the paper and wanted them to share a room so I made them each a little different. She has the cutest little girls, and Violet is their new baby girl. Congrats Elysa she is adorable just like the rest!

This one matches a jungle themed room.

I had to take this picture inside at 6am, so it's not the best but I like this name.

This Boo is my sisters. She designed it and I love it. I think I need to hire her! I also think i'm going to keep it for myself. Good job Britt!

Kourtney was a mix between some other papers I have used that she loved plus a few more, there is a big flower for the K, that will go on it when it gets here.
These next two are for a relative of mine. Levi has a sports themed room in these colors, and Kimmi is pink and brown with some other pastal colors in the bedding. Hope she loves them!
And this one is mine, I wanted something simple for my small house and it's perfect.

A few reminders. The deadline for Christmas orders is the 31st of October so please don't forget to get your orders in!
The giveaway is coming soon! I'm so excited and it's super cute! So watch for that and tell your friends! ;)


  1. Wow! The alphabets are so pretty and artistic! I love it!

  2. Mindy!
    My Girlfriend got the letters today(Colin) they matched the room colors exactly...she said there couldn't have been a better match. She LOVES them and so do I! Any one looking for a good baby gift these are perfect!


  3. If you want to wholesale these in my new store, let me know! I think they are adorable!