Friday, October 9, 2009

I lied and Gift certificates!

I was going through my bin from the craft show (I know i'm a procrastinator) to get out my girls names to put them back up and I found something. This Boo that I forgot about that never sold. It's actually the exact one my friend ordered but I ran out of paper for the 'B' for hers. So this one will go to her and the one I have left, the 'B' is the same black but a little different pattern on it, thats it. So it's ready to ship for whoever wants it!! It's $30 and super cute! E-mail me at mindyfrancis[at] to get it! I'm even going to the post office today! So hurry up!

How about them gift certificates??
I have them!! Now you don't have to worry about ordering for someone, you can just give them a gift certificate for the amount of what you are wanting to get them, or even a set amount for them to have off when they do order. Just e-mail me and I have them here, I can mail them to you so you can give them as Christmas gifts, or we can do an online transaction.
Either way, these are GREAT gifts! So let me know!
Also don't forget the cutoff for Christmas orders is October 31st, other than gift certificates. So get those in!

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