Saturday, October 3, 2009

Deadlines for Christmas

If you are wanting something for Christmas as a gift you need to have it ordered by October 31st and If you are wanting anything for Christmas home decor, the sooner the better obviously. There isn't a deadline on that but i'm assuming you'll want it up by December 1st, which is when I decorate so I assume everyone is like me!

These will make awesome gifts for anyone! Kids, home, babies, or yourself! If you need ideas on words I have lots! Just e-mail me and i'll help ya out.
I can now do the smaller sizes I told you about before. Which come in 4" and 6" which I think is perfect for Christmas home decor. The prices for those are, 4"-$8/letter and 6"-$10/letter. Remember that anything over 7 letters is 10% off before shipping and embellishments.

I am waiting on some super cute Christmas decor for myself and the GIVEAWAY! Who is excited?? me!
Please, please don't wait to get your order in!! Remember shipping is slower at Christmas time so hurry up eh!

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