Thursday, September 10, 2009

What you need to know

Things are crazy here at The Burnt Daisy and i'm loving it! I have a few things I need to share.
First, don't forget about the craft show. It's next weekend Sept 19th at 10-5pm, in Magrath AB at the arena. I hope to see you there, it's gonna be great!
Second, I am starting to take Christmas orders. If you are thinking about making an order, get it in now to get on the list before the craft show madness and Christmas gift orders start coming in. So get them in right away! If you spend over $120 before shipping on a Christmas order you will get a 10% discount!
Here are a couple words suggestions
Ho Ho Ho
Stockings (how cute would that be over your stockings!)
Merry Christmas (there would be a discount for this order)
Feliz Navidad (discount word)
Happy Holidays (also a discount word)
and any more you can think of!
Any color, any style!
And third, note the prices went up a bit on the 8" letters. Not something I wanted to do, but had to do. Also i'm kind of on a stand still for making orders for the next couple of days because of this...
Well i'll live...for now. ;)
So e-mail me if you want to get your Christmas orders in. It's coming fast, I can feel it!

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  1. Yuck Mindy, the whole ouch fingers sucks!! You must be a busy woman what with the crazy orders, crazy craft shows and crazy girlies in your house!! Hope the fingers heal soon, can't wait to see Jacey's name! Take care