Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Craft Show and I need some help!

This weekend was a great success! Thanks so much for everyone who came out to see me and also those who helped me the entire weekend. I had awesome feedback and it was a great experience! I definately learned things I would and wouldn't do next time but I think it went pretty good for my first show ever! Here it is! Thanks to my two sisters and two cousins for being my "reps" for the day. I had lots of fun!

Now onto my next order of business. I need some help. I am going to order some premades for Christmas but i'm not quite sure what words are more popular and I need you to tell me. Which word would you like to see hanging in your home with your Christmas decor. Here is my list suggestion and if you come up with any more tell me. I'm also going to be doing a Christmas giveaway!!! So keep posted for that! This will also help me in choose for that as well. Oh and don't forget anything over 7 letters is 10% off, I changed the discout a bit from before.
Ho Ho Ho
Stockings (how cute would that be over your stockings!)
Merry Christmas (there would be a discount for this order)
Feliz Navidad (discount word)
Happy Holidays (also a discount word)
*just added- Believe
I also have some other additions to the Christmas home decor. I am looking into getting smaller letters for the longer words or even the shorter ones, such as 4" or 6" I will order them and see what they turn out like but let me know if you would be interested in those and i'll have to figure out pricing etc. I can take Christmas orders right now for anyone. So let me know!! Thanks!


  1. I like Ho ho ho and Stockings!! although i am sure they would all be adorable!!

  2. I really like the Joy and the Peace ones. Depending on the colours you chose you could use them all year long if you wanted to. A few other suggestions would be Frosty, Holly, Jolly, Christ, Cheer and Tidings.

  3. I have seen "Jingle Bells" or "Jingle all the way" in some homes (can get pricey though), but you have alot of what I would want!

  4. believe is my favorite. then i also love joy (which i think is great all-year round too), and peace. i actually have "believe" letters already bought, i just have to make them cute! i just think it's great. that's all. i can't wait to see them finished! I LOVE CHRISTMAS!!!!

  5. I love believe, but what about Giving, Love, Bless... Just some thoughts....
    I am getting excited to see the door hangers for my girls!!!!! I hope they LOVE them!!!

  6. I like Believe, Peace, Joy, Noel, Angel, Frosty, and Dreams

  7. I would choose Joy, Peace, Noel, Wish, and Believe.....Hope that helps!

  8. I think you have a great choice of words!
    I totally think the 4 and 6 inch letters would be great for the long words so they don't take up your whole wall!

  9. I love "HO HO HO" I think Joy is a good one too.

  10. I totally love Stockings, Beleive, Joy, Noel, and Merry Christmas (but in little letters so it doesn't take up my whole wall)

  11. I would totally pick Feliz Navidad but that's because my husband is spanish and I would love to have that hanging in our home. I also love Peace, Joy, Believe. All those things remind me what Christmas is really about. I know they'll all be beautiful though!

  12. I like them all!!! I do like HOHOHO a lot. Hmmm I'm going to have to think about this and get back to you when I figure out what word I want!!

  13. I like the words JOY, PEACE, and BELIEVE at Christmas time.

  14. I like
    Joy, Believe, Merry Christmas, Ho Ho
    Those are my favorites